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A UX audit is an expert assessment of the convenience of working with a program or mobile application. Thanks to it you can understand how easy and convenient it will be to use the service and whether it will be popular. A UX audit is needed both at the development stage and after its completion to identify problem areas and eliminate them before the service is launched, while users have not yet encountered problems. A usability check is also needed when redesigning the interface or adding new features, because improvements are not always beneficial. In this case, the right decision would be to order a UX auditing.

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What tasks can be solved with the help of UX audit

Based on the check, you can determine the strengths and weaknesses of the design, functionality and usability of the service, find and eliminate obvious and hidden shortcomings. UX audit services are ordered for websites, applications and mobile applications – any digital products with which customers are expected to interact. A UX audit will be efficient for an online store that has problems with orders; a web service that has many competitors; a program for a personal computer for which a new design is being developed. For all new projects, websites and services that are just starting their journey in the online space. An outdated interface, an inconvenient arrangement of elements, colors that are not suitable for the target audience, insufficient functionality – all this immediately affects the user experience and the desire to continue using the digital product. By detecting and eliminating problems in time, you will make your project popular and user-friendly and will be able to receive the planned profit!

How does a UX audit work?

draw up a work plan

Before starting a UX audit, Vadertek specialists define its goals and objectives, draw up a work plan, and after completion they prepare a report.

Data and scope analysys

First, data is collected and then analyzed. The actions of users, the number of such actions and the time of their completion are studied. An analysis of competitive sites and services is carried out, which allows you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the product, determine development paths and prepare a list of required improvements. Providing UX audit services, we analyze the target audience, the design and structure, fill in content, colors and fonts. We consider the influence of graphics and animation on the perception of visitors, we study the operation of the service in different browsers and mobile devices with different screen sizes. When conducting a UX audit, we check many other little things that affect the user experience. Based on the received data, we develop proposals and measures to change the digital product, aimed at improving efficiency, its operation and the user experience.

Make the change

Based on the received data, we develop proposals and measures to change the digital product, aimed at improving efficiency, its operation and the user experience. In the report we describe in detail the significance of each of the identified problems and their possible impact on the further performance of the application or the features of working with it. Also, thanks to the report, you can understand what kind of difficulty users faced and what it led to. Learn this and you won’t make the same mistakes again. UX audit services allow you to not only find errors – the interface becomes simpler and more convenient, brand trust grows, and sales conversion increases. Customers usually return to places where it is easy and convenient for them to place an order, and therefore correcting errors is a top priority that should be worked on without fail, and Vadertek specialists will help you with this! We will find all the problem areas and help you release the perfect service!

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