Custom software development services for Startups

According to statistics, only 1% of startups have the success. Most of all, it’s not a bad idea or a lack of investment, but the wrong approach in the early stages. With a minimum budget, hiring developers, designers, and analysts is too much of a luxury, which leads to failure. The right decision is to hire a team and order software development services for startups. It is necessary to choose such a company according to several criteria, the main of which is the list of services, and Vadertek will be the best solution here!

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ProfessionalSoftware Development Services for Startups

Software development for a startup is a specific sphere of activity. The customer comes with his/her own idea, and the developers must find the proper way to implement it. At the same time, a startup does not have to be from the IT sphere. Everyone needs high-quality technology, be it healthcare, economics or media. Software development for Startups includes basic services for the full implementation of an idea from scratch.

Business expertise

Service for the analysis and development of a strategy, implementation options, concept formation. This stage of work is considered fundamental. The service includes the work of analysts, which is implemented not only at the first stage of cooperation with the developer, but also at subsequent stages. Feedback analysis, suggesting ways to meet the needs of customers – this is all included in the business expertise service.

MVP Development

Minimum Viable Product is the version of the product with the minimum feature set. These software development services allow you to assess the viability of the product as a whole, and its functions. Based on testing, you can draw conclusions: what needs to be added, changed, what to develop, and what can be given less time. This service is very valuable, because it helps to significantly save money and time for the customer.

PoC Development

Proof of Concept – detailing, elaboration of requirements and specifications. This service is necessary to understand whether the idea itself has been put into practice. Checking the concept itself allows you to change or refine the ways of project implementation in a timely manner.

End Product Development

Creation of software that has passed all stages of verification can fully satisfy the needs of the customers and the users. This service is not available in all agencies, some offer only MVP development, assuming that the final product will be finalized by full-time programmers.

Mobile applications development and design

Without iOS, Android or cross-platform applications, it is difficult to launch a full-fledged project today. For businesses, such programs are an opportunity to attract new customersand monetize user activity.

UI/UX design

Custom Software development for Startups and processing of the appearance of the interface of the web-site and program, details that increase efficiency.Increase KPI and conversion due to a well-designed interface.

Ordering a software development service is profitable!

The main advantage of working with a software development company is not so much the price as the quality of the end product. It is very important for a startup, because just one mistake is enough and customers will go to another company. Professional software development for startups provides many benefits:
  • The probability of making a mistake in the qualifications and responsibilities of an employee hired on a full-time or freelance basis is too high. Our company hires only experienced professionals.
  • A solid team is working on the project, it is possible to include professionals in it who will solve global and current problems.
  • Ability to control all stages and stage-by-stage payment of the project, which allows you to save the budget.
  • Strict adherence to deadlines allows you to implement the business plan.
  • Software development for startups is a rapidly developing area and requires the proper and well-thought-out solutions.
Vadertek is an agency with an impressive portfolio and testimonials from grateful customers. Within your budget, we will develop a creative product with excellent functionality!
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