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Finding a good specialist is incredibly difficult. This is especially important for the IT sector, because all the work here is based on the skills of the employee. At first glance, especially if the interview is conducted by a specialist or HR who knows nothing about programming, it is difficult to understand which candidate is good and which is not, and how to evaluate the candidate is completely incomprehensible. Moreover, often applicants, taking advantage of the headhunter’s ignorance, exaggerate their abilities or even deceive, hoping that so called high professional competence will allow them to receive a large salary. Such candidates must be screened out at the initial interview – for this, a technical interview is conducted. Vadertek offers a technical interview services for IT professionals. A recruitment officer with a high degree of technical competence will assess the candidate’s skills and determine whether he or she is suitable for the position in the company or not

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Stages of IT specialist interviewing

The stages of selection of the stuff in an IT company practically have no difference from any other company. This is CV, an initial interview, a technical interview with an expert, a meeting with a hiring manager (in this case, a team leader or company executive) and, finally, a job offer. At the same time, each position is unique and requires an individual approach to the interview. It is necessary to assess the experience and knowledge of the applicant, to determine his/her skills and personal qualities. There are no universal rules for passing and conducting an interview, therefore, each time, depending on the position the recruitment officer draws up an interview strategy. In addition, employees are selected not only for their technical skills and personal qualities, but also for their interest in the project and involvement in the theme. In other words, all of them need to be correctly assessed according to a number of subjective parameters. This is why tech interviews should be conducted by an expert. A Vadertek expert interviewer may ask a candidate to complete a test task before scheduling an interview. This task is used to assess the candidate’s skills and see how well they will fit into the team. You need to ask a question not only about knowledge of programming languages, but also about ideas, expectations, attitudes towards certain processes within the team and the company in general. The recruitment officer must have experience in interviewing specialists of all levels – this gives him/her the opportunity to understand who is in front of him: a real specialist who can become a team leader, or a beginner who will first need to be taught before being allowed to work on the projects.

Technical Interview Format

There are different formats for technical interviews depending on what position the specialist is looking for (full-time, part-time or internship), as well as their role in the company (e.g. software development, testing, support, etc.). In general, a tech interview as a service can be carried out in the following formats:

Online pre-interview assessment

various assessment methods and technical interviews are used to narrow the pool of candidates. It can be an online test for basic knowledge of programming languages or small tasks. This assessment is used both before and after the initial interview. As a rule, this becomes a condition for consideration of the application.

Telephone interview

this can range from an informal interview with general questions to a full tech interview.

On-site interview

the technical component may include answers to questions related to knowledge of a specific topic, process or product. The candidate may be asked to post a solution on the board or present it in front of the team. Quite often, paired tasks are involved. There may be several rounds of on-site interviews with different specialists or teams – this allows you to understand how well the candidate is able to join the project and work in a team.

What is the danger of an incompetent employee?

As in any other company, in the IT business you cannot hire an incompetent employee:

Financial losses

when a project gets a “talker”, who can only speak a lot, but does not have the necessary knowledge and skills, you run the risk of not meeting the contract deadlines, getting errors in the code and, finally, losing the client.

Image losses

if the applicant is cheating from the very first minutes of the interview, there is a big risk that he will leave the project at the most inappropriate moment, and this is not only financial loss, but also big image losses, which is much more important.

Team demotivation

an incompetent employee is always a problem. Working somehow and constantly breaking the deadline, he/she negatively affects the mood in the team, as a result of which the overall efficiency of the department falls.

Technical interviewing solves these problems!

We will conduct the right selection of IT staff! We will select the most proper among the candidates, assess their personal, communicative and professional qualities, as well as their competence, preferring not only those who spoke correctly, but also those who did it more confidently. You receive feedback on each of the candidates and as a result, you will only have to choose the best of the applicants!

What are technical interviews for?

Tech interview as a service is designed to comprehensively assess a candidate’s abilities for a position and understand how he/she approaches problem solving. Vadertek and its technical assessment team will check the candidate’s skills and find the best match for you! We know that a company needs strong technical knowledge, the right mindset and high analytical skills of the employee, the desire to develop in technology and the industry, as well as the ability to cope with complex tasks. Programming skills, project management, data analysis, creativity, innovation and communication with colleagues – all the capabilities of the candidate are assessed during the technical interview! Vadertek experts will help you find the best specialists, make an objective selection and find real professionals!

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