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Not only the price of the goods, but also the design has a great impact on the customer. In the world of modern technology, goods or services can be bought online, and a website or web application acts as a showcase. Many people neglect the appearance of the showcase, underestimating the importance of design. Professional design services and proper design of a web application can increase sales dozens of times, while low-quality and inconvenient design scare away everyone who has not found the “buy” button or cannot understand where this or that function is located.

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Proper Web App Design

It may seem that a quality product will be bought with pleasure even on a white sheet with the inscription “product, price”, but the truth is something else. Customers buy with their eyes, because it’s nice to choose a product in a good store from a clean shelf, on which the price is clearly indicated. Or use a service where everything is clear. User-friendly Web App Design is not only the proper combination of background and text colors, but also many small nuances of user experience, analytics, trends, application logic and adaptability for various devices. These are just some of the tasks that our team will perform. The design of a messenger, game or service should be pleasant and understandable to every user. Here are three important criteria that web app design must meet:

Where does Web App Design Development begin?

Properly drawn up Terms of reference (TOR) is an important step in creating an application design. Clearly formulated requirements and restrictions will help specialists to determine the desire of the customer in a difficult creative process. The contractor needs to understand why he creates web app design, what are the goals of the project, the tasks and functions of the interface, and what is the target audience of the program. Each item is important for the mutual understanding of the customer and the designer: only by understanding the tasks, it can be done properly.


To improve understanding of the project, Vadertek experts study the specifics of the application, the market and the needs of potential customers. Information needs to be analyzed in order to create a proper web app design. An intuitive application gives the user a convenient way to choose and buy a product, order a service, and get information.

A/B testing

Often there are disagreements on design decisions within the customer’s company. Who needs “sales colors”, more red and yellow, and someone wants more green… What to do in such a situation? It is necessary to give customers the opportunity to choose, but not directly – for this, web app design services include A/B testing: the first random group of users will see the buy button in red, and the other in green. Test results will show which option is more efficient. Such testing will help you make the right choice.

Web app design of any complexity!

If a customer needs a custom project with unique design solutions, this is a more time-consuming task than a template design, which means more time and resources are needed. That’s why you should turn to Vadertek! We employ only experienced specialists who can create a design project of any complexity, but on condition that the terms of reference can be implemented. The project is created from scratch, so it will be necessary to implement the structure of the program interface. For such purposes, there are interface editors, for example, Figma or Sketch. Image processing is carried out using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Based on ready-made project options, a presentation is created using interactive prototypes. Principle and Axure can help with this. Proper design is a product packaging, an essential marketing component that can increase or decrease customer interest. Web app design services is a complicated creative sphere that you should trust experienced professionals to get it right!

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